The NFTs "Rugbaby" collection by artist Lassegue

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Through his NFT collection, artist Lassegue's mission is to create a community committed to the Web 3.0 world of art and sport.

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Rugbaby, NFTs inspired by the creative art of sport

The first collection of artistic NFTs based on the Rugby World Cup with a set of 10,000 unique NFTs, each cleverly crafted with differentiating features that combine the iconic and essential elements of rugby and its World Cup.

Join the Rugbaby artistic and sporting community

Step 1, the whitelist sale - An exclusive stage offering a unique opportunity. By registering on our privileged list, you gain early access to the Rugbaby collection. Be among the first to snap up these digital treasures before they go on sale to the general public.

Step 2, the public sale - After the whitelist sale, the Rugbaby collection will finally be accessible to all digital art and rare works enthusiasts.

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Only a few days to go before the official launch

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Characteristics and rarity of Rugbaby NFTs


Rugbaby's special and unique NFTs

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