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Former rugby player and self-taught artist creating paintings with a unique feature of faces transformed into rugby ball shapes

Lassegue Art

Rugby in the blood

Born in Albi in 1962, LASSEGUE comes from a rugby-loving family of Spanish origin. Inspired by his father, a French Champion and rugby international, he began playing rugby at a young age alongside his three brothers Richard, Claude, and Patrick, always supported by their mother Pierrette.

After starting in Idron, he played rugby at a high level in Pau, Lourdes, Dax, and finally in Biarritz with Serge Blanco. He was a junior international and was part of several French selections.

Passionate about drawing and colors since childhood, it was only natural for him to turn to painting. As a self-taught artist, he now translates his rugby experience, movements, and technique onto canvas, enhancing a vibrant mix of colors with the unique feature of faces transformed into rugby ball shapes. He brings a new touch of Fauvism expression to art, characterized by movement, technique, and emotion. Lassegue invites you to embark on an artistic journey into the heart of rugby.

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Artist at heart

"What interests me about rugby is the oval shape of the ball, which means you can't predict where it will bounce. This oval shape contains the unexpected, and that's what I love about this game, as well as in my painting."

This insightful analysis by Pierre Soulages, the Master of Outrenoir, applies to LASSEGUE's paintings, as he appropriates the oval ball to depict the vulnerable, sometimes bruised faces of rugby players without reserve. Through his personal and assertive pictorial technique, he captures movement, the beauty of a gesture, and above all, the unique emotions of rugby. The mastery of the canvas, combined with chance - as cherished by Francis Bacon - contributes to the creation of LASSEGUE's original and emotionally-charged realistic works.

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Artistic approach

"What drives me in painting is that I never know in advance what I will create. Firstly, I apply different colors to a canvas, then I analyze the shapes that emerge to determine the universe and architecture of my creation. Each canvas is completely imagined in the moment!"

Lassegue Art

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