The encounters of Lassegue

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A visual retrospective of Lassegue's encounters... Through his journey as a former rugby player and creative artist, Lassegue has had the opportunity to meet, share, and exchange with several international personalities from the sports world, specifically rugby.

Lassegue Art

design sans titre

Gildo Pastor Pallanca

Venturi Automobile Monaco

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Imanol Harinordoquy

French International

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George Gregan


& Philippe Bernat-Salles

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Victor Vito

All Blacks

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Fabien Galthié


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Yacouba Camara


whatsapp image 2022 05 06 at 19 02 23

Fabien Pelous


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Bryan Habana

South Africa

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Augustin Pichot


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François Pienaar

South Africa

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Philippe Bernat-Salles

French International

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Mirco Bergamasco


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Chris Masoe

& Joe Rokocoko

All Blacks

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André Herrero


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William Jonh Smit

South Africa

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Victor Matfield

South Africa

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